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Entry #1

Oh, right!

2010-01-28 05:13:11 by Lesjuh

Let's make use of that new upload system and share my unfinished work.

It's about 5 levels of PMW2. You even have the ability to run by holding the alt-key. I'm not going to finish it. Have fun, do with it what you want. I'm not giving any code or the .fla :] c539a9dbbe68ebeed2224f5428462b


UPDATE: /530344


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2010-01-28 07:44:16

Really great work, man. Hope to see more of where that came from!


2010-01-28 09:33:49

Fantastic !


2010-01-28 10:09:07

Looking pretty good, the backgrounds are a little too basic, a good suggestion I can make to you is export t eh backgrounds as an image, and put shading and detail into photoshop. JPEG is prolly the best format cause its compressed annd still holds a lots of quality.

Lesjuh responds:

Yeah that's right, thanks


2010-01-28 10:11:00

oh i prolly should clarify this, when i say backgrounds i dont mean the platforms. those look fine!


2010-01-28 12:53:25

most original game 2010

Lesjuh responds:



2010-01-28 15:34:02

Looks really nice so far..

Jammer dat je het niet af gaat maken :P

Lesjuh responds:

Tja tzou toch al niks worden, ik bak zwaar in AS en ben niet van plan iemand anders te vragen om het te coden xd


2010-05-03 19:01:28

I still don't know why you won't finish it?!
I can do the entire thing for you...
Plz gimme the fla, also you should actually create a scrolling function than a v-cam...

Lesjuh responds:

I didn't use a v-cam ;D