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So, I did decide to finish it after all

2010-10-25 09:05:52 by Lesjuh

Now I've got some free time on my hands again, why not? :) I'm satisfied with what I've got so far and it would have been a shame to leave all that work behind. I hope the final product will reach todays quality standards!

At this rate I might be able to release it before the end of this year, let's hope so! :P

So, I did decide to finish it after all


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2010-10-25 19:47:00


Lesjuh responds:



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2010-10-25 22:48:29

wait oh shit whrong person sry plz just delete it dun report me or watever

Lesjuh responds:

You know I usually don't do that stuff but I will this time, just for you :)


2010-11-18 01:53:59

aw yeeeaaassss, glad i decided to stop by here again after months and months of feeling bad that this wasn't gonna come out. looks epic.

Lesjuh responds:

Just a couple of dayssss