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New platformerrr

2012-02-23 07:01:06 by Lesjuh

Made great progress on this new project over the last 2 months. It's a timed platform adventure, difficulty level a la Super Meat Boy. Big step for me since the entire thing is original content (characters, concept).
I'm not sure when I'll publish the finished project since I'll be graduating from high school in about 2 months. At least, if I don't spend all my time working on this lol!

Have a screenshot, and a nice day!

- Lesjuh

New platformerrr

Back to flash!

2012-01-19 10:32:52 by Lesjuh

Getting back to flash again. Expect work from me in a very distant future.

Paper Mario World 2

2010-12-27 16:35:41 by Lesjuh

Finally out!

Give it some lovin' guys :>

Paper Mario World 2

So, I did decide to finish it after all

2010-10-25 09:05:52 by Lesjuh

Now I've got some free time on my hands again, why not? :) I'm satisfied with what I've got so far and it would have been a shame to leave all that work behind. I hope the final product will reach todays quality standards!

At this rate I might be able to release it before the end of this year, let's hope so! :P

So, I did decide to finish it after all

Oh, right!

2010-01-28 05:13:11 by Lesjuh

Let's make use of that new upload system and share my unfinished work.

It's about 5 levels of PMW2. You even have the ability to run by holding the alt-key. I'm not going to finish it. Have fun, do with it what you want. I'm not giving any code or the .fla :] c539a9dbbe68ebeed2224f5428462b


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